Ready Mix Concrete

Xtramix Concrete Solutions WLL

Xtramix Concrete Solutions WLL was established in 2012. A market leader in providing complete solutions to all customers’ needs in concrete in Qatar . Xtramix produces high-quality and high performance concrete to major projects for all sectors including but not limited to petrochemical, infrastructure, hospitality, real estate, energy, pipeline, and others.

Xtramix Concrete Solutions Qatar is operating from 3 strategic locations in Qatar. Xtramix Concrete Solutions, WLL main office is located at C Ring Road, Fareej Bin Derham, Doha, Qatar.

The first commercial plant is located in Mesaieed with two (2) permanent batching plants with associated equipment to supply concrete at Messaied and port area. The second batching plant is located at Mazrouah with three (3) permanent batching plants having associated equipment to supply concrete to Lusail Area, North Area and other different projects in Doha.

We are fully equipped with fully automated and technologically advanced 5 batching plants, 67 transit mixers of 8m³ mixer drum capacity, 15 mobile boom type trucks with mounted concrete pumps, and three (3) stationary pumps with placing booms.

Xtramix is managed by a team of experienced and dedicated managers and technical staff.


As a leading concrete producer, Xtramix Concrete Solutions is capable of providing solutions to any challenging requirements through its cutting edge technology, state-of-the art plants, equipment and a pool of talented and dedicated technologists, professionals, and engineers.

Concrete is produced and tested as per performance criteria while maintaining the requirements of project specification. Specified engineers in Xtramix study the specific requirements of projects to propose the best possible solutions.

Producing concrete in Xtramix is not only a science, but also a delightful art. It starts with selecting the finest raw materials from internationally renowned suppliers & manufacturers, optimum proportioning of ingredients to maximize the true potential of each particles by providing particle packing to enhance the plastic and hardened properties of concrete. Our mixes are made by using state-of-the-art batching & mixing systems and a simple stroke of genius by a group of the most experienced concrete technicians in the industry. Each masterpiece is exquisitely designed and customized for our valued customers’ specific requirements.

Besides ordinary grades high performance and high strength durable concrete designed to withstand any form of chemical exposure classes or physical attacks are being produced on a daily basis.

Consistency is key whether it for pavement quality concrete, or self-compacting concrete. We like to proud ourselves with that consistency to whatever time frame that maybe required.

Heavy weight concrete to resist radiation or lightweight concrete as back fill materials can readily be produced. Environmentally sustainable concrete with or without Portland cement is a reality to Xtramix as we are committed to reduce the vicious carbon footprint from the world.
Concrete with fibre to mitigate cracking, watertight/waterproof concrete, concrete to inhibit corrosion, concrete with contradicting requirements such as high early strength, and slump retention are our regular products. We have it all.

Each grade of concrete produced, whether normal or high performance, would go through a thorough quality control and quality assurance system. This system starts from its plastic to its hardened and durability properties. Each property would be carefully tested and measured against our strict quality control standard. The quality control regime of Xtramix starts from the quarry or production field of our raw material suppliers.

Our Concrete Technologist are consistently visiting the source to making sure that our commitment to adhere to the highest level of excellence is met.

We believe that continual development in excellence is only possible through intensive investment of resources in Research & Development. R&D is the key mantra to our daily activities. Xtramix from the day of its inception has been dedicated to innovation. We practice and believe in innovative ideas to flourish our horizon.

Our Products

  • All normal grade of concrete
  • Any grade of cement grout, mortar, plaster or similar products
  • Concrete to inhibit corrosion
  • Concrete with contradicting requirements
  • Concrete with fibre to mitigate cracking
  • Different type of colour concrete – for petrochemical fields
  • Environmentally sustainable concrete with reduced CO2
  • Fireproof / Fire rated concrete
  • Heavyweight concrete to resist radiation
  • High Performance Durable concrete
  • High strength/High early strength concrete
  • Hydration controlled concrete for long haul
  • Lightweight and foam concrete as backfill/levelling materials
  • Lightweight structural concrete
  • Mass concrete with controlled temperature rise
  • Pavement quality concrete
  • Recycled aggregate concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Shotcrete
  • Underwater concrete
  • Watertight/waterproof concrete